Family Law and Collaborative Practice

Your Family Your Future

Family Law

We specialise in all areas of Family Law:

  • Children's Issues such as parenting plans, child support, where the child is going to live, which school to attend, relocation with children, health issues, religion, abuse or threat of abuse 
  • Divorce Applications
  • Family Violence & Intervention Orders
  • Financial Matters and Property Affairs
  • Mediation
  • (Pre-nuptial) Binding Financial Agreements

Other Services we provide with our partner professionals:

  • Accounting & Taxation advice
  • Counselling
  • Financial planning advice



Collaborative Practice

As collaboratively trained lawyers, we provide legal guidance and the tools for you and your family to work together to develop and execute the best solutions and outcomes to meet your family's needs.

The collaborative process is a non-adversarial process without the need of a court-imposed resolution.  This allows you to control the final outcome.

Collaborative Practice Advantages

  • a success rate of approximately 95%
  • engage in an open and transparent discussion
  • minimise conflict between parties
  • more cost-effective than a traditional separation (normally)
  • proceed in a time frame you are comfortable with

Throughout this separation process, you may require the support and services of other qualified professionals to assist both financially and emotionally.  When appropriate, we will recommend utilising these services, for example, child specialists, psychologists or financial experts.


Our goal is to reach a negotiated outcome by working closely with you and your partner's lawyer through a formal constructive negotiation.  You will not need to meet your partner during the process.


A trained and accredited mediator will act as a third party to guide you and your partner through the mediation process consisting of one or a number of meetings.

The mediator provides assistance in helping identify and developing solutions to issues to best provide for your needs and the needs of your children.  

The mediation process is confidential and private and if unsuccessful, anything learned at mediation cannot be used in any court proceedings.